Warehousing services

We have been in warehousing services business for over 10 years. Initially, it was a value-added service we provided for our road transport customers. As of today, volumes and customer base have grown big enough to allow warehousing to be an independent strategic business area, a separate legal entity, with its own management and team. We will continue to invest in this business line, with sole goal to offer quality service to our existing and potential customers.



Our warehouses are located in logistically accessible locations in the vicinity of Tallinn. We are capabile of storing both temperature-sensitive goods and goods with no strict temperature or humidity requirements. The warehouses are new and equipped with modern shelving and technology.


We assemble packing units, palletise, label and perform other value-added services, as requested by our customers.


Accurate and transparent data exchange is our daily challenge. We use software that allows linking our databases with the customer’s ERP software. As an additional functionality, clients can place orders and monitor stock levels online, in real time.

Sandwich warehouse in Keila Industrial Park.

PVC warehouse in Keila Industrial Park.

Temperature controlled warehouse in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn ring road.

PVC warehouse in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn ring road.